What operating systems are required to run Checkout Professional?

Checkout Professional was designed from the ground up to run on the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems for increased stability and security. (Windows 7, 8 and 10 are the current supported versions)

Can multiple tender types be used?

Yes, Checkout Professional was designed to handle an array of payment types including, cash, check, credit cards, and food stamps.

Are reports in Checkout Professional customizable?

Yes, many standard reports are included with Checkout Professional. You also may create your own reports with the easy to use report tool. If you want to know how many customers purchase extra large red sweaters on Tuesdays from a certain zip code you could! Imagine the marketing and merchandising advantage that will give you.

Can rights be granted to certain cashiers in Checkout Professional?

Yes, you can allow or disallow a variety of rights including: No Sale, Drop, Payouts, even exiting Checkout Professional! Also included is a manager override feature.

Does Checkout Professional track customer data?

Yes, Checkout Professional tracks all of your important customer information, with its easy Drill Down technology, you can easily view a customer’s previous sales, buying trends, and account information.

Does Checkout Professional track inventory?

Yes, you will now know quantity on hand, cost of goods, reorder information and much more just with the click of a mouse.

Can Checkout Professional generate Purchase Orders?

Yes, Checkout Professional will allow you to manually create a Purchase Order, or the point of sale software can automatically generate them for you based on minimum order quantities and reorder points.

Can Checkout Professional process credit cards?

Yes, Checkout Professional utilizes the power of Ultra-Guard™ Credit Card processing for lightning fast credit card authorization with zero risk from credit card thieves.

Can multiple registers be used at the same time?

Yes, Checkout Professional was designed to be flexible enough to be used in small stores using just one or two registers, or in large stores using 10+ registers.

Does Checkout Professional require a lot of training?

No, Checkout Professional features Zero Hour™ training for the register, and minimal training to operate the Back Office software. Many business owners with no computer experience have praised our product for its intuitive and easy to use interface.

Can an item be split and resold in Checkout Professional?

Yes, you can actually sell one can of soda; when you sell 12 cans another 12 pack automatically is depleted from stock. Many liquor stores find this feature especially useful.

Are inventory items limited?

No, Checkout Professional has no limit to the amount of items that you can input.

Will Checkout Professional remind me to order inventory?

Yes, using the Automatic Purchase Order feature, Checkout Professional will order items automatically.

What kind of reports can Checkout Professional generate?


  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Daily Tax Collected
  • Detailed Sales
  • Detailed Tax Collected
  • Cashier Log
  • Register Analysis
  • Department Sales/Cost
  • Sales by Region
  • Top Performers


  • List
  • Statement
  • Mailing Labels


  • Item Price List
  • Item Quantity List
  • Item Cost List
  • Item Reorder List
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Adjustment Report
  • Supplier List
  • Substitute List
Can customers charge items to a House Account or Store Credit?

Yes, Checkout Professional supports a feature named “Store Credit” which allows the store owner to extend a line of credit, charge interest, print invoices, accept payments, adjust accounts, and more.

Can I import an item list into the database?

Yes, Checkout Professional has an Excel import / export function.

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