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Checkout Professional

Our goal is to create the easiest and most powerful POS Software, ever.

Why Checkout Professional POS Software?

Exclusive Features

Enterprise Solution

Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Checkout Professional is a true enterprise retail POS software solution, allowing your business to scale at the click of a button. The Microsoft Azure platform also ensures that your business data is continually backed up in the cloud by default. The encrypted connection to Azure protects your point of sale information every step of the way. Provaya’s Enterprise Level POS solution can support any size retail store.

Zero-Hour™ Cashier Training

Ease of use is a must in any POS software, Checkout Professional’s intuitively designed interface will have new cashiers tendering transactions with minimal training… in less than an hour. Retail point of sale software has never been easier. See for yourself with our free 30 day trial.


Retail POS software can be complicated and confusing. FLOW hides irrelevant buttons during point of sale register functions, guiding the cashier through a sale without instruction. FLOW = No stops: Provaya’s manager override feature gives store managers a quick and easy way to allow returns or other cashier restricted features by simply entering a code… all overrides performed are logged for review. FLOW also provides easy access to any part of the transaction without exiting the register including adding a new customer or item.

Ultra-Guard™ Credit Card Processing

Integrated credit card processing is a must for any POS software solution. Checkout Professional allows your retail store to seamlessly accept EMV, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others, all while leveraging the latest in fraud protection and PCI compliance.

Powerful POS

Forget the iPads, trying to swipe a card on your phone, and delays inherent to web browser based POS solutions. Checkout Professional is a locally installed POS software designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro platform but optimized for any Windows 10 host. That’s just the start, Provaya also incorporates stringent security, audit logs, and virtual delete for data integrity.

Advanced Features

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Choose the perfect product for you
Provaya Register
  • Required
  • Single Register

  • Ideal for small retail environments with low transactional needs.
    • Easy to use
    • Unlimited products
    • Unlimited sales
    • Unlimited users
    • Phone and Email Support
Ideal plan for small retail environments
Multiple Registers
  • Optional
  • Add Registers

  • Add additional registers. Can be added at any time. Provaya is designed to grow with you.
    • Grow with your business
    • Add additional registers
    • Easy setup
    • Up to 99 registers
    • Cloud replication
Ideal for medium sized retail.
Complete POS system
4111$Hardware Only
  • Recommended
  • Complete System

  • Choose this for a turn-key Point of Sale solution. Unbox, plug in and sell!
    • Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Customer Display
    • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Cash Drawer
    • Bar Code scanner
Ideal plan for turn-key retail.